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George Zimonyi Therapy
                        Touch for Health Kinesiology & Somatic Release
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George Zimonyi Therapy
                        Touch for Health Kinesiology & Somatic Release
Appointments  239.404.7135

Improving the Performance & Balance of both Horse and Rider

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Equestrian Competition and Performance
What does improving the performance and balance of horse and rider mean?
A horse and rider need to function as one unit. When the rider is out of balance, either structurally or emotionally the horse will know it.
As is the case in reverse. 
Equine therapy is performed by using the rider or trainer as a surrogate.
When a rider has unresolved emotional or structural issues this will transfer into the horse because they are energetically connected. 
Once these imbalances are cleared, significant improvements are seen.

Winning the blue ribbon after a somatic release session for horse and rider.

I have been seeing George for about two years now and he SAVED my life on the very first visit. I have spinal stenosis and have seen many doctors, I have had different treatments & many different meds.
Then I met George. It was the best thing I've ever done. One hour with George and I stood up with no pain.
On our last visit the session ended up with a special occurrence. My dog Cody happens to be very vocal, as we were finishing up our session Cody jumped into my lap. He had been overly vocal, pouty and a bit depressed because his Daddy left for a week. So within about 10 minutes of George's help through me, Cody jumped over to where George was, rolled over on his back and was happy as can be!
George had cleared Cody's anxiety and depression.
I was elated!
Chandra B Stino
My daughter and I were fortunate to meet George in Tryon, North Carolina . We had come to compete with her Jumpers. She and her horse had been involved in an unfortunate accident last Summer which had left them both with unresolved anxiety. My daughter usually scoffs at unconventional treatment but she felt comfortable with George and decided to give it a try. George immediately picked up on the issues of both horse and rider without being told what the problems were. He proceeded to work with both and the next day they were jumping double clear. I could not believe the joy horse and rider expressed on and off the course. I would highly recommend working with George for healing of the mind, body and spirit. 

Grateful Client Missy Head.