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I have suffered from eczema since the age of two. At the age of 24 the condition became much worse. My skin was inflamed, red, extremely dry and itchy. My sleep was being affected and the emotional, mental and physical toll was exhausting. I was seen by various dermatologists, doctors, allergist and internal specialist. No one could find a solution to the problem and I was unable to find relief. The day I met George he immediately asked me about my skin. I was unaware of George's profession at the time. I told him I had an appointment the next day with an internal medicine doctor. He assured me that if I completed the therapy with him that night , that I could cancel my doc apt. Before the two hour session my skin was horrendous. The emotional and physical healing that took place during our session was unbelievably beneficial. My skin looked ten times better within the first hour. At the end of the session I felt light as a feather and my skin looked a million times better. Since then I have not had the extreme symptoms of eczema. I remind myself of our therapy weekly and practice meditation for natural healing.

Candace Brumfield
                                        Before                                                             2 1/2 Hours After Treatment                          6 Months Later

George just may be the most amazing human being I’ve ever met.  I came to find George because I heard his massages were fantastic- which they are. However, his emotional and spiritual healing techniques are pure magic and changed my life. He surfaced emotional issues buried deep that manifested into physical symptoms. Once released, wonderful things happened for me. I am now a published author with my book on Amazon, doing well in my career, and most important have more peace in my life. My only regret is that I live out of state and cannot see George more often!

Lori Costew, Author of Sherpa’s Adventure: Saving the Future
Northville, Michigan

I have spinal stenosis and several other ailments due to an accident at the age of 12. Over the years, I have had several surgeries to correct some of the problems but I'm not a candidate for back surgery. I have seen many doctors trying to get some pain relief for my back but nothing worked except drugs that really made me unable to function. I had just about given up all hope when I found George. In one hour he relieved the back pain and taught me how to keep it that way.

George also explained that unreleased emotions and fear can cause pain problems that keep recurring even after structural release work. Over a few sessions we found these fears and emotional baggage that was at the root of a lot of the pains I had. George helped me work through these issues.
What George has given me is my life back.
It is a God-given gift that he shares with those willing to try.

Life is full of ups and downs; George makes the downs into ups.


I had been suffering intermittently with lower back pain. George was recommended to me through our fitness club. After spending just 90 minutes with George, my back pain was gone. It has now been 3 months and there is literally no pain or even discomfort in my back and I play golf at least three times per week. While George's techniques may seem odd to some, I stand as living proof of his effectiveness.

Mike Rosicki

After recovering from surgery on a fractured femur on my right side, I began to experience severe pain in my left leg.
I went to an orthopedic surgeon, family doctor, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist. None of whom could help me and were unable to tell me the source of my pain. I was unable to do the things I needed and wanted to do, and resorted to using a cane.  While visiting my daughter in Naples, she suggested that I see George Zimonyi. I was skeptical, but desperate.

After one treatment, I was free of pain and my cane. On my gratitude list, George P. Zimonyi is at the top of the list.

Ann Romanoff

​"After having moved from NY I thought to myself 'I can now experience the joy I'm feeling all around me in Naples'.  That feeling did not last long.  Slowly I started to feel unhappy & could not figure out why.  Then I met George.  My husband first saw him for leg pain & he told me about George's healing methods.  I was intrigued.  Although I had no physical ailment, he helped me unblock the emotional pain I felt inside.  It was a very powerful healing experience.  I walked in heavy hearted & sad, and walked out lighter & at peace.  George truly has an amazing gift, his genuine care and authenticity shine through his encouraging words and hands.  I believe he is one of those Angel on Earth here to help people heal and reach their true God given potential"

Jennifer Tutino
Naples, FL

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George, thank you for making time for me! One hour with you does more for my well-being than six months with a psychiatrist!

Judy G.
Forest City, NC
There's a special place called THERE in the human spirit, mind, and body. George works with your own natural healing process to take you there, restoring your peace and balance, leaving you fully connected and restored.

Virginia Amoroso

George is an incredible practitioner on so many levels. As a Somatic Release Therapist, George is extremely talented his ability to release muscle tightness without pain is wonderful. His use of different energy modalities allows him to clear not only muscle imbalances but energetic imbalances as well.  
He has been able to assist me in overcoming both old and new negative subconscious tapes. I always feel wonderful after a session no matter which type! 
His patience, understanding and ability to connect energetically with his clients makes him a unique find and a great practitioner.

Elizabeth D.

I had my first therapy with George last weekend and it was truly amazing. Years of Chiropractic adjustment, pain medications, painful massages to try to ease discomfort in my neck and shoulders. 

George worked his magic and it was truly transformative. I am so grateful and from now on will seek healing from George and his gifted hands. 

Lynn G.

"Ok. So I was told I need surgery. Bulging disc, tear... Bla bla bla. I finally listened to some of my crazy friends and went back to the amazing George Zimonyi. I had days that I couldn't even walk. Emotional distress is the worst. I'm always happy so I didn't realize what my body was taking on for my lack of owning real world problems. Today I am pain free. 100%. Blessed. Thank you George."

Teala Comer